Monday, December 14, 2015

The Army and Navy Club on Farragut Square

Attending my sister's rehearsal dinner at the Army and Navy Club on Farragut Square was a real treat. Located in the heart of Washington D.C., it provided a very fitting environment on the eve of the marriage between an Army (groom) and Navy (bride) family. As you can see from the photos, there is a real sense of pride in our country's military history and tradition. You can learn more here.

Wreaths of Williamsburg

Trying now to fight this feeling... of such loneliness,
Softly speaking to myself... a lonely Christmas wish.
Actually my Christmas wish... is now a Christmas prayer,
Thank you for the men who serve... our country everywhere.

Thank you for our families... who enjoy this Christmas free,
Thank you for the other men... who serve this ship with me.
Thank you for allowing me... to make this sacrifice,
A joyous Christmas for our families... makes it worth the price.

From A Christmas at Sea author unknown